Welcome to Machunka

n. – (moo-CHON-ka) a dish, of eastern European descent, usually made of ground red meat, tomatoes, flour, cabbage, and bacon grease.  Add water, prepackaged gravy to taste.  Cook over stove.  Serve with bread.

Variations of this recipe are widespread and encouraged: that’s the rule, not the exception.  It’s different things to different people; you never have the same machunka twice.  In my family, at least, machunka is a term that has taken on many meanings over the years – it is generally considered to be synonymous with hodgepodge, crap, smorgasbord, even offal.

In practice, that means this blog will dabble in a bit of everything: “just some stuff I just threw together,” as mom would say.  As some guidance I will say, my primary interests lay in politics (American and British; French sometimes too), economics (public finance, political economy and the current “crisis”), the law (property rights, constitutional), sociology (race relations, Generation Y and individualism), religion (particularly its role in politics), food and wine (machunka, of course), and sometimes technology (personal, like the iPhone).  Politically, I am an Oakeshottian conservative, I think.  I suspect this blog will help refine and sharpen my ideology.

I hope you find my punditry thoughtful and nuanced.  I love discursive analysis, and would cherish nothing more than to hash out my hastily carefully considered thoughts in a medium such as this.  I encourage comments, and will most likely respond to them, along with any email (machunka.blog@gmail.com).


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One Response to “Welcome to Machunka”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well done. Best of luck.

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